"The Barrymores: Hollywood's First Family" & "The Authorized Biography of John Gielgud"

"The Barrymores: Hollywood's First Family" by Carol Stein Hoffman and Leonard Maltin and "The Authorized Biography of John Gielgud" by Sheridan Morley.

The Barrymores: Hollywood's First Family documents the history of America's acting dynasty in words and pictures with never-before-seen photos from the Barrymore collection. Including beautiful portraits from John and Dolores's honeymoon, film stills, and dozens of other rare photographs, this collection is the first to fully present the glamour and the legend that is Barrymore. Spanning over six generations, two continents, and three centuries, the family of actors that would be known as the Barrymores has become an icon of the American stage and screen.

Sir John Gielgud's acting career was among the most distinguished of his generation. He appeared in hundreds of theatrical productions and films, receiving virtually every acting honor given, including an Academy Award for his performance as Hobson the butler in the film Arthur. Now, in this insightful authorized biography, written with unprecedented access to Gielgud's diaries and personal letters, author Sheridan Morley traces not only the actor's career, but gives a refreshingly frank look into Gielgud the man, and how his professional success as an actor often came at the expense of his personal happiness.

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