Seller Frequently Asked Questions


If you wish to sell something, email us at

Please provide a detailed description of each item with any notable facts that may interested buyers.

Please also provide clear photographic representations of each item; paintings and sketches clearly photographed or scanned; models should be lit clearly, from front, side and top; three dimensional items (costumes, sculptures, model pieces, etc.) should be photographed from a few angles for clear representation and scale. It helps to provide a ruler in the photograph for any miniatures for scale. Photos should be at a resolution of between 50 - 100 dpi. Send images as attachments and feel free to send separate emails for multiple items.

The minimum listing price for any item is $20 USD. Listing price should include the cost of shipping (please see Shipping Details below).

There is no fee to list items to sell. Should your item be sold there is a 15% transaction fee deducted from the sale of each item. There is no limit to the amount of items you may sell.

If you don't know how to get started please send us an email or call (212-673-6223), we'd be happy to offer suggestions to you on ways to format or reproduce your work, advise you on ways to market what you have, or simply answer any questions. No need to be uncertain, we are here to assist you.

Who is responsible for shipping sold items?

You are responsible for sending any sold items to the buyer and ensuring all goods are received in the condition they were promised. We will notify you when an item is sold for you to ship. 

A tracking number from a reputable company (Priority US MAIL, FedEx, or UPS) is required so we may ensure delivery of your items. Insurance is recommended for items that are irreplaceable. When determining the listing price please include the cost of shipping in that amount.

How do I protect my copyright?

Your rights as an artist are protected - see Terms & Conditions.

Is there a charge to post items for sale?

There is no listing fee and no limit to what you may post for sale. Should your item be sold there will be a 15% transaction fee deducted from the sale of each item.

The minimum listing price for any item is $20 USD.

How do I know the value of my items?

Like any creative product, the value is reliant on demand (originals and limited editions or items connected with a hit show are more valuable). We recommend pricing items at a number you feel comfortable with – it can always be altered later, if desired. Look at other similarly listed items as a reference. Please factor the cost of shipping (Priority US Mail, FedEx, or UPS) into the price as this helps simplify the sale process. Minimum listing price is $20 USD for any item.

is sales tax included?

Only purchases made within New York State will be automatically charged with each transaction through BROADWAY DESIGN EXCHANGE.

How do I receive payments from the items that I sell?

Purchases can be made by credit card or PayPal, once the purchase is approved you will be notified of the sale and must ship the item to the seller; after which your net payment (minus 15% transaction fee) will be mailed to you via check or if you prefer, electronically deposited into your own PayPal account. See Terms & Conditions.