Joan Personette Original Costume Sketch

Watercolor, Pencil and Ink on paper, 15" x 18".

Joan Personette, 1914-1998, was born in Irvington, New Jersey. A 1934 graduate of the New York School of Design, Personette was hired by the Roxy Theatre in New York, New York, as a costume designer in 1939, and remained at the Roxy through 1954. The Roxy was a movie theatre, which additionally included forty-minute stage shows with performances by comedians, singers, jugglers, animal acts, and the Roxyettes, a troupe of twenty-four women dancers. Personette create costumes for the Roxyettes’ performances. Beyond her work at the Roxy, from the 1940s into the early 1950s, Personette additionally designed costumes for television programs, vaudeville-style theatre productions, Broadway musicals, as well as for performers in the Skating Vanities, a touring roller-skating troupe.

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