Avenue Q

Original Broadway Bad Idea Bears Stage Truss

Steel framed custom built mini square truss with split stretched spandex magenta glitter curtain with built in splits for the Bad Idea Bears to push through. Truss is fitted with mini colored leko lights surrounding the opening. Truss is built to hinge into place for scene. Approximate dimensions: 3'-3" x 3'-3 x 6". Piece is made of steel so it is fairly heavy. Truss includes lights and spandex glitter curtain. PUPPETS NOT INCLUDED. Local pick up only.
From the original  AVENUE Q Broadway set, which subsequently transferred to off-Broadway. Set pieces are to be auctioned off in advance of the show's closing on May 26, 2019. Bidding runs from May 6 to May 16.
Arrangements for pick up or shipment must be made prior to May 26, 2019.
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